The Conquering Dreamer-Using your dreams to conquer the obstacles of life with passion and purpose by Mark Teague

Long before the name Mark Teague became known nationally in football coaching circles, he was like any other ordinary kid growing up in the South. He loved sports; had a vivid, creative imagination; and was a dreamer.

He learned early on that life has a way of presenting obstacles that often stand in the way of those dreams. Those obstacles would teach him the focus and intestinal fortitude needed to reach the far-reaching goals he set for himself at a young age.

From the struggles of a bad speech impediment as a child, tough financial struggles growing up, homelessness as an adult, and two separate bouts with cancer, his spirit was tested.

Coach Teague puts the bold power of human resolve on full display in this book. Allow him to take you on his personal journey through life to help you unlock the power within you to conquer your dreams.